Friday, June 1, 2012

NEWS BREAKER:"Bones" Jones Arrested for DWI!!!!

 Binghampton, NY: At 5:02am on Saturday the light-heavyweight UFC superstar "Bones" Jones was arrested for a DWI. He allegedly was intoxicated and ran into a pole. The police found and arrested him and apparently he was returned to his family later that night. This is very surprising considering he is so humble and dedicated. I think he is supposed to be this prefect role model to the public eye, but hey give him a break! He has repeatedly proven his talents and motivation over and over. Dana White despites the issue and he will still be able to fight at UFC 151., Also he said that this incident will not effect his public image. This is his official Facebook Statement about the incident that happened Saturday:
“Man I haven’t added anyone new to my Facebook page in like three years and right now I’m so glad that I haven’t. It has literally been sickening to have so many people try to kick me while I’m down. At the same time, I totally understand, I gave them the leeway to. I screwed up, big time. Just needed to say thank you to all you guys for being amazing friends/supporters.
Always having to deal with so many critics, haters and fickle mma fans, I almost forgot how strong of a home base I had (607 and people that knew me before I was a champion fighter). Although the hell that will come with this hasn’t even started yet, I want you guys to know how much better you’ve all made me feel, not only about this situation but about life, everything. It’s good to feel that people are there and care. With that being said, I felt I should apologize to you first.
I’m truly sorry to those of you that I may have embarrassed in any way, to those of you with kids that I may have let down. I will prove to them as well as to myself, that no matter what is happening in life, we can always work our way back and make things even better than before. Reading you guys uplifting comments was a great reminder for me to not give up on who I am or all the hateful people. I’m not gonna allow this situation to outweigh the positive. I love you guys right back and I promise to make things right. PS sorry about the terrible grammar :)”


Dana White said earlier this week that:

"I'm not involved in all the legal stuff that's going on with Jones but yeah, he flew out a few nights ago and sat down with me and Lorenzo and talked. I like Jon Jones. He's a good guy, he's a young kid. He made a mistake that night and we'll see what happens. ... I think we've supported Jon. He's a young kid and he's going to need a lot of guidance. The kid is incredibly talented, he's starting to make tons of money and he's getting really famous. Those are all the recipes for disaster."

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